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Living Memories: A Johannean Digital Collection

About this collection

Light & Truth

"To learn and not think leads to deception; to think and not learn leads to danger"


Living Memories: A Johannean Digital Collection, created through the collaboration of the University of British Columbia's St. John's College and the Johanneans of Shanghai's St. John's University (1869-1952), is an online celebration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of UBC's St. John's College in September 2012. The Johanneans are the alumni of Shanghai's St. John's University. It offers both a retrospective and contemporary look at the rich heritage of St. John's University: a look at life, culture, and tradition. It is a tribute to the Johanneans who dared to dream, who committed themselves to carrying on the legacy and fellowship of the University. Many of the original Johanneans are now in their mid 80s to mid 90s and have dispersed worldwide.

The Living Memories digital collection is a priority because of the University of British Columbia's mission of preserving and understanding human and intellectual histories. Anticipating the Living Memories digital collection being one of the pilot collections for a research project on Hong Canadians by Dr. Henry Yu, the principal of St. John's College and a history professor from the University of British Columbia, a transition to UBC Digital Initiatives is planned. With this in mind, the Living Memories digital collection has been created according to policies and standards for collection development, scanning and meta data collection as outlined by UBC Digital Initiatives.

Technical standards

The Living Memories collection is the pilot collection for the 15th anniversary celebration of the University of British Columbia's St. John's College and the Hong Kong Canadians Project. The latter will commence on April 1st, 2012. Though they are different projects, the Hong Kong Canadians project has  close ties with the Community Historical Recognition Program's Chinese Canadian Stories, which will be completed at the end of August 2012. Dr. Henry Yu, a professor in the History department in the University of British Columbia and the leader of the Hong Kong Canadians project and the Chinese Canadian Stories project, has asked that the metadata for the Hong Kong Canadians Project be similar to the Bick Lee Papers Collection and the Chinese Clan Association Collection in the Chinese Canadian Stories project.

The Living Memories team used the Qualified DublinCore schema and followed Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2 for the metadata. The latter was chosen because of it addresses the creation of metadata in both English and Chinese.

Digital Initiatives standards were also consulted since for the Hong Kong Canadians Project will be managed by Digital Initiatives in September 2012. More information regarding Digital Initiatives can be found on their website. These standards are particularly relevant in the process of scanning the images, creating archival and presentation files. As the Digital Initiatives uses CONTENTdm which has the ability to automatically create thumbnails, no details regarding thumbnail requirements are contained with the Digital Initiatives standards. For creating thumbnail images for DBTextworks the BCR’s CDP Digital Imaging Best Practices in Version 2.0 have been applied.

The file naming scheme will eventually be changed by Digital Initiatives. The current naming scheme (sjc_lm_p, sjc_lm_n and sjc_lm_o) is used to guide a summer digitization project in preparation for the St. John's College anniversary.

Rights management

The copyright information on the items presented in this database is a work in progress and reflects the eventual copyright permission St. John's College hope to obtain. As of February 1, 2012, Dr. Yu Hsu has given St. John's College verbal consent to use the photographs and The Johannean newsletters. St. John's College is currently awaiting the final copy of the University of British Columbia Digital Collection Permissions and Copyright Agreement Form to be completed in order to obtain written consent from Dr. Chih Hsu Yu.

Currently, the Johannean Dr. Chih Hsu Yu is the chief editor of the newsletter The Johannean (Vancouver) and owns the copyright to the photographs in the photo album. The copyright of the photographs were originally owned by the Johannean, David Hsiung, but it was later transferred to Dr. Chih Hsu Yu.

These images are provided for research and reference use only. Written permission to publish, copy or otherwise use these images must be obtained from St. John's College

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