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About the Collection

This collection is comprised of recipes; handwritten and compiled over decades by the women of my family and their friends. The recipes are written on index cards, in notebooks and on scrap pieces of paper. Many have a story or a memory attached to them. This collection aims to provide each recipe’s unique history - this includes who wrote the recipe, from whom they obtained it, the recipe’s approximate date and any other relevant information. Information regarding the recipe itself has also been included, such as the course and main ingredients. These recipes, and many more not documented in this collection, are currently in the possession of my mother, Trudy O’Neal.


Each recipe was originally scanned as a colour document on a flatbed scanner at 600 dpi and saved as an uncompressed TIFF file. The display images are JPEGs and are 600 pixels on the longest dimension. Many of the recipes have multiple images either depicting both sides of the index card or a full and cropped version of the page on which they appear. No corrections were made to the images to lessen staining or fading as it was felt this would detract from the collection as a whole and not represent the material accurately.


Explanation of Dates


The dates in this collection refer to when the recipe written out, not when it was first developed.  All of the dates are estimates. Many are based on when Trudy O’Neal lived in Riverside, California before to moving to Victoria, British Columbia (generally prior to 1976). Other recipes, in particular those written by Ethel Schwieger, have unknown dates of creation. Therefore, “pre-1992” was applied as that was the year Ethel passed away.


About the People Involved


There are relatively few people involved in this collection, either in the capacity of writer or provider of the recipe. Below are short explanations of their relationships to each other.


Louise Buettner

Louise was Trudy O’Neal’s maternal grandmother and Ethel Schwieger’s mother.


Christine Mansfield

Christine is a family friend of Trudy O’Neal’s. They have known each other since the late 1970’s to early 1980’s.


Marietta Mitchell

Marietta was a co-worker of Trudy O’Neal’s at the University of Victoria Library from the mid 1970’s until Trudy’s retirement in 2012.


Charlotte O’Neal

Charlotte was the mother-in-law of Trudy O’Neal. She provided relatively few of the recipes in this collection.


Trudy O’Neal

Trudy is the individual who possesses this recipe collection that was derived from others included on this list. She worked in the libraries at the University of Southern California Riverside and the University of Victoria during her career which explains some of the unique materials the recipes are found on (computer printouts of MARC records and card catalogue cards).


Cindy Pagnan

Cindy was a co-worker of Trudy O’Neal’s at the University of Victoria Library from the mid 1970’s until Trudy’s retirement in 2012.


Ellen Seeber

Ellen was the sister of Ethel Schwieger and aunt of Trudy O’Neal. According to Trudy O’Neal, Ellen was a very inventive cook and gave many of her recipes to her sister.


Ethel Schwieger

Ethel was the mother of Trudy O’Neal. She passed away in 1992. Ethel was an avid cook and baker and gathered and wrote out many of the recipes in this collection. Many of the scanned recipes belonged to Ethel and were left to Trudy.


Bobby Smith

Bobby was the wife of Trudy O’Neal’s uncle-in-law, Carroll Smith.


Kitty (Last Name Unknown)

Kitty was a Norwegian friend of Ethel Schwieger’s.

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